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New Birmingham Music Festival Among First In The United States To Introduce NFT-based Ticketing




BIRMINGHAM, AL - May 14, 2021 - Euphonious, a new music festival located in Birmingham, Alabama taking place June 18-20 at the Birmingham Zoo's Henley Park Lawn, will become one of the first music events in the world to introduce collectible NFTs to the event's ticketing process.


Euphonious' introduction of NFT-based ticketing follows in the footsteps of famous entrepreneurs Mark Cuban, who is using NFTs as a subset of Dallas Mavericks tickets, and Gary Vaynerchuk, who is using NFTs to provide exclusive access to an industry conference he will hold each of the next three years.


Euphonious has released a set of twelve limited edition inaugural NFTs, each a one-of-one piece of commissioned artwork from the original artist behind the Euphonious logo and branding, all tied to the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the nine artists comprising the inaugural Euphonious lineup will be honored with an NFT, as well as Euphonious' venue, the Birmingham Zoo.


"Euphonious is more than just one of the first music events to take place anywhere in the United States, located right here in Birmingham," executive producer Bradley Metrock commented. "Euphonious is a celebration of technology as well, right here in Alabama, and no better way to communicate that than to provide premium experiences through NFT-based ticketing."


Each of the twelve NFTs will bestow its holder with two rights: those holding one of these NFTs as of June 1, 2021, will receive two (2) passes to the Euphonious Acoustic Lounge, where Euphonious artists will perform acoustic songs for the benefit of United Ability, a Birmingham-based non-profit organization. Additionally, those holding one of these NFTs as of January 1, 2022, will receive VIP All-Access Passes for 2022 which will also not be made available for sale publicly any other way.

These NFTs have a starting price of .5 ether (roughly equivalent to $2,000, as of Friday, May 14) and each have auctions, already underway, with durations varying from 5 to 10 days.


"Birmingham is a special place, and deserves the same type of forward-thinking entertainment experience typically only available in larger cities in America," said Metrock.


The set of NFTs is made available through OpenSea here. For more information, email



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