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Q. Will Euphonious take place even if it rains?


A. Yes. The event will take place rain or shine.

Q. Is Euphonious an all-ages event?

A. Yes.

Q. Do children need a ticket?

A. Yes. Every person coming through the door needs a ticket. Additionally, for groups having Party Squares located toward the back of the Henley Park Event Lawn, each person coming through the door counts against the 8 person maximum you can have in your Square.

Q. Is parking at the Birmingham Zoo an extra cost?

A. No. However, even though the Zoo has a lot of parking, it will fill up - arrive early.

Q. How can concerts take place at the Birmingham Zoo? Doesn't loud music hurt the animals?

A. The Birmingham Zoo loves the animals more than anyone. When they built the Henley Park Event Lawn during their multi-million-dollar 2017 renovation, they did so specifically with the animals and their safety in mind. Normal concert volume has zero impact on the animal population at the Zoo.

Q. What happened to the Lawn Squares from the first Euphonious?


A. We got rid of them. Euphonious 2 uses a general admission model. It will be packed.


Q. What is Euphonious' refund policy?


A. Euphonious is unable to offer refunds.

Q. Who were the headliners for Euphonious 2021?

A. Drew and Ellie Holcomb, Moon Taxi, Sister Hazel and Tonic

Q. Can we pay using Bitcoin? Or other crypto?


A. You can generally pay with any currency traded by Coinbase. Email to request information on how to do this.


Q. I want to sponsor or somehow participate as a corporate partner. Who should I contact?


A. Drop us a line at

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