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Question: Which bands had more rock hits in the decade of the 1990's than Collective Soul?

Answer: none.

From humble beginnings in Atlanta writing songs originally intended to be sold to a publishing company and given to other bands, Collective Soul became rock legends over a career spanning ten studio albums, chart-topping hits, and international recognition.

"Shine," "Breathe," "Gel," "December," "Where The River Flows," "The World I Know," "She Said" (recorded for the Scream 2 soundtrack), "Precious Declaration," "Heavy," "Run," and many other hits marked a prolific decade for the band.

A duet with Elton John, being part of the return of Woodstock, penning the theme song for TV's American Idol, and induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame have rounded out a fantastic career that continues today.

We're glad to welcome Collective Soul back to Birmingham on Sunday night, June 19, to headline Euphonious 2.

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