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Colbie Caillat 1.jpeg

Colbie Caillat is a two-time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, having sold millions of albums worldwide, whose ascension to musical superstar status is inextricably linked with modern technology.

After some encouragement from a family friend, Caillat posted her song "Bubbly" to popular social network MySpace (remember that?), and the result was magical: millions and millions of listens and views to her page made her the #1 unsigned music artist on a brand new platform inundated with hundreds of thousands of unsigned artists. A record label bidding war began.

Mere months later, Caillat signed to Universal and, just a short while later, her debut album Coco went platinum.

Since then, Colbie Caillat has cemented herself in the pop music firmament by releasing a steady stream of successful songs and albums, even teaming up with Taylor Swift to co-write "Breathe."

Saturday night, June 18, will be our welcoming of Colbie Caillat to the Magic City. We look forward to having her as a headliner for Euphonious 2.

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