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Blues Traveler.jpg

Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, Blues Traveler has done it all: set the standard for musicianship for a modern pop band, won a Grammy award for their hit single "Run Around," survived lead singer John Popper's multiple near-death experiences, and have become a fan favorite for their unforgettable live performances.

No band played on David Letterman's show more, as Letterman would introduce them live on the air as "his favorite band," and Blues Traveler has collaborated with artists as wide-ranging as Joan Osborne to Santana to Bruce Willis to the Allman Brothers.

Blues Traveler is nothing short of a defining artist of the past two decades, and a wonderful nostalgic voyage through music which shaped our lives.

We're thrilled to have the band as part of Euphonious, and proud that they will close the show as our Sunday night (June 20) headliner.

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