Birmingham, Alabama has a rich musical tradition, as home to City Stages from 1989 through 2010, and having produced a number of. artists and bands that went on to achieve greatness.

Birmingham is also an eclectic mix of a wide variety of types of people, from fresh and pioneering startups at Innovation Depot, to all manner of medical researchers and professionals working at UAB, and many other types of businesses and interests which contribute to this great city.

Birmingham is the perfect place for Euphonious, a new music festival / concert series which not only represents a return to celebrating music and art after the lengthy COVID winter, but showcases Birmingham to the broader national and international technology community.

The recent multi-million-dollar renovation of the Birmingham Zoo, complete with the Henley Park Lawn created specifically for live music, will be an idyllic and truly unforgettable location for an open-air 2021 concert series.


United Ability was founded in 1948 to provide services to those living with cerebral palsy. Over the years, the organization has evolved to meet the needs of people living with many types of disabilities. Today, United Ability is the only organization in Alabama providing a life-spectrum of services to people living with various disabilities. Through its diverse range of programs, the organization creates treasured opportunities for care, learning, and employment.


United Ability, formerly United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham, is a historic nonprofit serving children and adults with all types of disabilities for over 73-years now, and has been selected as our Euphonious charity partner for 2021.

A portion of proceeds from Euphonious will go to benefit United Ability, and leadership from United Ability will announce Friday's headliner, Drew & Ellie Holcomb.




Started in 2010 as an internet radio station before transitioning to an over-the-air FM radio station in 2013, Birmingham Mountain Radio has become woven into the fabric of the Magic City's entertainment scene.

Delivering an adult alternative rock format that channels 107.7 The X, Birmingham's legendary alt-rock station from the mid-90's, Birmingham Mountain Radio fills an important role as tastemaker for central Alabama.

We're proud to call Birmingham Mountain Radio the exclusive radio partner of Euphonious, and to welcome BMR's leadership team to the stage Saturday evening to introduce that night's headliner, Moon Taxi.

Birmingham Mountain Radio.jpeg



The UAB Voice Center is a state of the art interprofessional center providing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic care for people with voice, swallowing, and airway problems.


The mission of the center is threefold, including providing the best care to people who seek diagnosis and treatment at the center, researching novel methods in the treatment of voice, swallowing and airway disorders, and teaching tomorrow’s physicians and clinicians.


The center is the only voice center in the state of Alabama and is recognized as one of the few truly interprofessional centers in the US.

We're honored to call UAB Voice Center a partner of Euphonious, and to welcome leadership from UAB and the Voice Center to the Euphonious stage on Sunday night to introduce Tonic.

UAB Voice Center.png