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Angie Aparo cut his teeth as a solo performer in Birmingham, Alabama, in support of The American, the album he would release in 1999 behind Grammy-winning producer Matt Serletic.

He would go on to not just record many more albums, but also has established himself as an in-demand songwriter. Aparo provided two songs on Tim McGraw's 2012 #1 country album, had his song "Cry" deployed as Faith Hill's title track of her 2002 hit album, and has worked with Miley Cyrus, Matchbox 20, Zac Brown Band, and many more.

In 2016, Aparo suffered a debilitating stroke, which temporarily left him unable to speak, and nearly killed him. After spending a month in the care of Emory University Hospital in Atlanta - part of what would become six months in slow but steady recovery - he returned to the stage, to perform a sold-out set of shows at Eddie's Attic. The full story of his recovery, in context of his broader career, is fascinating and inspirational, and can be read here.

This guy is one of the most singularly talented vocalists and performers you will ever see or hear. We're honored to have him join us for Euphonious.

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