Euphonious is Birmingham's new music festival.

The Birmingham Zoo, with its multi-million-dollar renovations and massive new concert lawn, will play host to Euphonious over Father's Day weekend - when City Stages historically took place as Birmingham's main music festival each year.


Two types of tickets are available for Euphonious, each sold for a particular day you'd like to attend. (If you want to attend more than one day, you'll need to buy more than one pass.)

1) Lawn Squares

The Henley Park Lawn at the Zoo will be carved up into 10'x10' squares, which we will allow to accommodate a maximum of eight (8) attendees.

Specific squares will not be purchased. Rather, your purchase of a Lawn Square means that as you enter the Zoo for Euphonious, you will be able to go and claim any open square as the one you and your group would like to have for the evening.

This approach came from Texas, where concerts took place throughout 2020 and never stopped.


Thurs Jun 17 update: Quantity of these lawn squares is low across all three nights.

2) Standing Room Only

Standing room only passes to Euphonious will be sold, which will allow attendees to stand in designated areas around the periphery of the Lawn and enjoy the show, as space permits.


Thurs Jun 17 update: an additional and final batch of Standing Room Only passes for Euphonious has been made available for purchase.

Birmingham Zoo Henley Park Lawn.jpg


WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: standard-sized lawn chairs, a clear bag

WHAT YOU CAN BRING, IF YOU WANT: earplugs; your friends

WHAT YOU CAN'T BRING: outside food or drink (including alcohol), per Zoo's policy (they sell it)



Q. Will Euphonious take place even if it rains?


A. Yes. The event will take place rain or shine.

Q. How can concerts take place at the Birmingham Zoo? Doesn't loud music hurt the animals?

A. The Birmingham Zoo loves the animals more than anyone. When they built the Henley Park Event Lawn during their multi-million-dollar 2017 renovation, they did so specifically with the animals and their safety in mind. Concerts much louder than Euphonious can take place at the Zoo without jeopardizing any aspect of the animals' wellbeing.

Q. Aren't "squares" or "pods" a relic of COVID? They aren't very fun.


A. Well, there's a lot of folks who would say having others spill beer all over them in a crowded bar is actually what's not fun.

Even with COVID waning, the desire to have personal space at a concert is strong. It's worth paying a premium for. And we're likely to continue offering it, long after this first year of Euphonious ends.


Q. What is Euphonious' refund policy?


A. Euphonious is unable to offer refunds.

Q. Do young children count as part of the 8 people in a Lawn Square?


A. Yes, they do. Each group can only have eight human beings, no matter how old or young, in each Euphonious Lawn Square.


Q. If I buy two squares on a particular day at Euphonious, can I buy them next to each other?


A. If you buy more than one Lawn Square for a particular evening, under the same name and email address, we will contact you about putting them together for you. This is a perk for those buying more than one Lawn Square, though please be assured there's no bad seat in the house - every inch of the concert lawn has great visibility and intimacy of front row seating at other venues.

Q. Did I see Blues Traveler on the lineup at one point?

A. Yes, you did. When they had to cancel several tour dates (including Euphonious) due to unforeseen circumstances, we replaced them with Tonic.

Q. Can we pay using Bitcoin?


A. You can generally pay with any currency traded by Coinbase. Email info@euphonious.ai for more information on how to do this, if you're interested.


Q. I want to sponsor or somehow participate as a corporate partner. Who should I contact?


A. Drop us a line at info@euphonious.ai.